how to budget your money as a student

The Ultimate Guide: How To Budget Your Money As A Student

Most students are broke! Even if you’re not, it’s good to learn how to effectively budget your money. It gives you better control of how you spend and where exactly your money is going. If you’re not keeping track of where exactly your money is going, then you might be spending blindly. That is spending …

how to achieve your academic goals and dreams
Personal Development

7 Simple Tips On How To Achieve Your Academic Goals And Dreams

I love to daydream about how I want my future to be, but the problem with daydreaming is that you are not really taking any action. When people decide to start taking action on what they wish to become, they usually write down their goals and start working towards them. But it is not easy …

best extensions on chrome for students
Productivity and Organization

20 Best Extensions On Chrome For Students

Now more than ever, the need for digital literacy is important. Chrome extensions are small programs that extend the functionality of Google chrome. For students, there are so many different chrome extensions that can help with studying, productivity, grammar and so on. In today’s post, we are going to cover the 20 best extensions on …

how to stay organized in college
Productivity and Organization

How To Stay Organized In College: 5 Simple Strategies To Adopt

Is your school life a mess? Sometimes you don’t know where your notes are or when an assignment is due or when your next class is coming up? Sometimes we tend to be like that, but the key to succeeding in college or university is being organized. We are not going to talk about how …

start a semester
Productivity and Organization

How To Start A Semester Properly: 5 Easy Tips To Good Grades

Well, it gets sad when the holiday is over and it’s back to reading and stressing about school. Does school stress the hell out of you? I mean almost everyone who read that statement would be like “Yeahhhh, it does”. Well, you can reduce the stress of school if you start a semester properly.  There …