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20 Best Extensions On Chrome For Students

Now more than ever, the need for digital literacy is important. Chrome extensions are small programs that extend the functionality of Google chrome. For students, there are so many different chrome extensions that can help with studying, productivity, grammar and so on. In today’s post, we are going to cover the 20 best extensions on chrome for students.

These 20 extensions are going to be grouped into 5 areas which are productivity, grammar, saving money, studying and quick research. You can use these chrome extensions to check the definition of words, annotate PDF files, take notes, create flashcards and so much more. 

Here are the 20 best extensions on chrome for students.

Best Extensions On Chrome For Students

Best Chrome Extensions For Productivity

Mercury Reader

Mercury reader

The mercury reader chrome extension removes ads and distractions that stop you from focusing on your online assignment. This chrome extension can help you focus on your current task by eliminating any pop-up that might get your attention and most importantly, your time.


Clockify chrome extension

The Clockify chrome extension lets you record the amount of time you spend on various school activities. This can be really important to track how much time you spend doing assignments and you can use this information to set your schedule accordingly



The momentum chrome extension replaces the default new tab in your browser with inspirations, daily tasks, weather forecasts and much more. With this chrome extension, you’ll be able to deal with procrastination as it provides a lot of widgets that can help you stay on top of your tasks for the day

Notepad By Clickup

notepad by clickup

This chrome extension helps you easily jot down ideas, organize thoughts and set to-do lists. You can use this chrome extension to quickly type things down instead of having to look for paper and pen. It sits at the bottom of your browser and you can always disable it from appearing on specific sites.

Best Chrome Extensions For Grammar



Who doesn’t know Grammarly? Grammarly helps you to eliminate errors while typing on the web. It also detects your tone, style and provides better words for you to express yourself. You can create an account to track the progress of your writing.

Language Tool

language editor

The language tool chrome extension also helps correct wrong spellings, grammatical errors and more. Users can use it on different platforms such as Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn. What sets the language tool chrome extension apart from its peers is that it supports 25 different languages. So it can help you if you need to write a paper in Spanish, that’s if anybody does that.

Microsoft Editor

Microsoft editor

If you are a Microsoft fan, then the Microsoft editor chrome extension might be right for you. It helps check your grammar, spelling, and style. It also supports other languages and you can use it across multiple sites and platforms.



Ginger Chrome extension is also one of the best grammar extensions on chrome. It checks your spelling errors, provides alternate words for sentences, so you can sound professional. It is also supported across multiple sites and platforms.

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Best Chrome Extensions For Studying

Flashcards (For Google Dictionary And Google Translate)

flashcards for google translate

This flashcard Chrome extension can help you memorize new words or phrases that you encounter in Google dictionary or Google translate. This can be good for you if you study a different language like french, you can easily save new french words in form of flashcards which is an active way of studying for a test.


kami chrome extensions

If you love to read PDF notes on your laptop, it is sometimes sad that you cannot edit the document as you go through it. With the kami chrome extension, you can draw, type and add comments to your PDF file. This chrome extension works well with Google Drive.


best extensions on chrome for students

Rememberry helps you translate and memorize foreign words that you find on the internet. This can be very good for you if you study a foreign language. You’ll be able to search, translate and store these words in cards so that you can refer to them later.

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Document Editor

document editor-best chrome extension for students

Document editor is an extension that helps you create .doc or .docx documents in your browser. It’s like having Microsoft Word in your browser. You can easily use this extension to create documents and export them in different formats.

Best Chrome Extensions For Saving Money


chrome extensions

Honey helps you save money while shopping online by providing coupons that you can add to your cart while checking out. The Honey Chrome extension can be used on any site, even on Amazon as they are supported on over 30,000+ sites.

Aliexpress Coupon Finder

best extensions on chrome for students

If you shop on Aliexpress a lot, then this Chrome extension is for you. As the name suggests, it finds coupons for you when you shop on Aliexpress, and you can easily apply these coupons to the products you’re buying.


cently-chrome extensions

Cently automatically adds a coupon to your cart when you checkout. It finds the best price discount available and adds it to your cart. You can also earn cashback and rewards at your favourite retailers.

Avast Safe Price

best chrome extensions for students

Avast safe price helps you find the best prices for things you want to shop for online. When you type what you want to buy, it will automatically check trustworthy online sites and give you a breakdown of the best online deals and free coupons. This is good for those who love to shop online a lot on a budget.

Best Chrome Extension For Quick Research

Google Dictionary

chrome extensions

With the Google dictionary chrome extension, you can double click any word you don’t understand and get the meaning immediately. This promotes concentration as you don’t have to leave the browser tab to check for the meaning of words.


chrome extensions

Have a lot of essays to turn in this semester? Use this website and paper citer tool to cite your papers. This chrome extension supports APA, Harvard, MLA, Chicago and thousands of other referencing sites.

This chrome extension is a paid tool. They have a free trial for 3 days and after that, you pay $5 per month (this price is for students only).

Wolfram Alpha

best extensions on chrome for students

Wolfram alpha is a specialized search engine, just like Google. You’ll be able to search through facts and figures provided by professors and students and get answers to your questions. This is good for research papers because Google is already saturated with lots of information, so using a different search engine to get your facts will be unique.

Power Thesaurus

best extensions on chrome for students

Get lots of synonyms, antonyms and definitions of words. This is good for writing English papers or any paper, so you can get insight into different words and their meanings.

20 best extensions on chrome for students
20 Best Extensions On Chrome For Students

Final Thoughts On The Best Extensions On Chrome For Students

While having some chrome extensions can help with productivity and a whole lot of other things, you do not need a lot. Out of the list above, you can pick one from each section to download on chrome.

Do you have any chrome extensions that you already use for school? Share them in the comments below!

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best extensions on chrome for students

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