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10 Top Tips On How To Survive Exam Week

Exam, Exam, Exam! Finals are starting soon, and you’re probably overwhelmed with that statement. With assignments, projects and labs finally over, it’s time for the greatest test of the school year. The weeks leading up to final exams are usually stressful, because of the fact that you have to read a whole lot of material for the final exam. Well here are 10 tips on how to survive exam week.

How To Survive Exam Week

1. Start Reading From The Beginning Of The Semester

To be really honest with you, the only way you can assure yourself that you’re a bit ready for your final exams is if you put effort into studying from the start of a semester. 

Studying from the start of the semester helps you understand the material little by little and by the time the final exam rolls around, you’ve covered most of the topics.

But what if it’s already too late, and you haven’t been reading since the start of the semester? 

2. Make A Schedule

how to survive exam week

Make a study schedule and follow it religiously. Prioritize courses that you’ve not been doing well in over courses that you’re good with. Make a schedule according to your final exam timetable.

3. Clear Your Space From Distractions

When studying, make sure you clear your study area from anything that might distract you. This could be magazines, or something else. If you’re reading from a laptop or tablet, close any browser tabs that are not related to the material you’re studying.

Resist the urge to check your phone while studying. Place your phone front faced down and put it on do not disturb. For this period, it will be better if you also take a break from social media.

4. Switch Up Your Study Space

surviving exam week

Sometimes, you could get too comfortable in a place that it will become hard to study in that area. If your bed is attached to sleeping, chilling or watching movies, you’re more likely to do those things instead of studying if you decide to study on your bed. 

Try different locations that you’ve never tried before. Go to a park that you’ve never been to and study there. You’re more likely to be less distracted when you’re in a new place that’s not common.

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5. Quiz Yourself

I love solving quizzes. This is an active form of studying and you’re more likely to understand the concept of the material more. You can use flashcards to set the questions, draft potential exam questions or solve past final exam questions of the course.

6. Take Breaks

Everything needs to be balanced. You’re more likely to fully understand the material if you’re alert, so you should take frequent breaks and have a constant sleep schedule.

A good study strategy that incorporates breaks is the 30-5-30 study strategy. You read for 30 minutes, take a 5-minute break and read for the next 30 minutes until the time you have set for yourself is over. You can tweak the time range however you like. 20-10-20, 25-10-25, and so on.

7. Create A Study Group

Studying with others can help you deepen your understanding of the material. As they say, “two heads are better than one”. So, you should try forming a study group for your final exam so that you guys can come together to ask and answer relevant questions. This is crucial for surviving exam week.

8. Don’t Forget Self-Care

How to survive exam week

Do not forget to take care of yourself. Make sure you stay active by going on walks, exercising and stretching. Eat healthy meals and have a consistent sleep schedule. Do whatever makes you feel good about yourself.

9. Ask Questions

Make sure you take advantage of any review session going on before the final exam. Meet your professors and teaching assistants to help you with questions you’re struggling with. Meet other classmates or ask questions in your study group. Now is the time to get those questions out.

10. Reward Yourself

Ouu! This is my favourite tip out of this list. Imagine the things you can’t do now because you’re studying and make them your reward after the final exam. 

Mine is movies, I don’t watch movies during exams so before exams are over, I’m already thinking of the number of movies I’ll watch In a single day. 

Your reward could be playing video games till your fingers are sore, or taking yourself out to the spa. Literally, anything can be a reward. Just make sure you’re looking forward to something after the exam, it helps you work harder so you know you actually deserve the reward.

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10 top tips on how to survive exam week
10 Top Tips On How To Survive Exam Week

Final Thoughts On How To Survive Exam Week

You should always start studying from the start of a semester because that way, you pace your studying and by the time exam comes by, you have a good concept of the material and all you need to do is review your notes and solve questions.

Don’t forget to reward yourself after the final exam for a job well done. If you don’t reward yourself for your hard work, who will?

Those are the 10 tops tips on how to survive exam week, let me know the tip(s) you’ll be taking with you by typing it in the comments below!

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how to survive exam week

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